How does MemoryMark work?

MemoryMark is a virtual bookmarking feature of Web-e-Books.

When you log-off from the Web-e-Book, or close your browser, the last page accessed is "remembered" in our system. The next time you log-in to read your Web-e-Book, the last page read is displayed, just where you left off.

The same book-marked page will appear no matter the device used. So, if you log-off with your laptop, then log-on again later with your smart phone, the book-marked page will be the same for your user account.

The page information is stored on our cloud server, so you never have to worry about remembering the last page read – an especially convenient feature when you're in a rush and on the move, or shutting down your device. MemoryMark does the book marking for you.


Note: MemoryMark does not apply to free, sample short stories. The short stories are free and open for anyone to read, so there's no user account to bookmark.

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