How do I read my Web-e-Books offline?

All Web-e-Books® are available for offline reading using our Cache-It feature.

It’s a feature of modern browsers that we engineer in each e-book so your browser can recall web-based pages from its memory (cache) when you’re not connected to the Internet.

It's a seamless way to transition from on-line reading to offline reading. Your stored e-book is read using the same browser.

Caching is particularly convenient when you are out of range from a wireless signal (WiFi or 3G/4G), in airplane mode while traveling, or disconnected from WiFI to extend battery life. With our unique implementation of Cache-It, you can store several Web-e-Books for offline reading.

We automatically cache the Web-e-Book you are reading online.

Your browser must be a current version that supports HTML-5 offline browsing. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Windows IE and Edge, Fire Fox, Opera, Silk, and Android browsers offer free HTML5 browsers that support offline reading of Web-e-Books.

Note: Do not clear your browser's cache or history if you are away from an Internet connection and plan offline reading. If you do clear the entire browser's cache inadvertently, you can reconnect to Web-e-Books and again later and re-cache your e-books instantly and automatically.

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