To Purchase a Web-e-Book or Keepsakes poster on

To purchase an e-book on, follow these instructions:

1. Open a web-browser on your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, or similarly equipped e-reader.

2. Go to and select an e-book by title, author, or genre drop down tabs, or scroll through the moving bookshelf with left and right yellow arrows.

3. Click on “Add to Cart” at the bottom of the book description.

or, where you see Add to Cart like this:

4. Next, click “Cart” at top of screen:

5. Next, click “Proceed to Checkout

6. Set-up new user account by entering user selected login name and password (write these down for your future reference), and provide e-mail address, then click “Save and Continue

7. Enter Billing Information, and Click Same to quickly populate Shipping information, then click “Save and Continue

8. Review Order Summary and Click “Save and Continue

9. To complete purchase, Click the PayPal button to check-out. Enter your PayPal User account information or pay separately using a major credit card. (No PayPal user account is required).


10. An Order Summary (Receipt) will show next, and automatically be forwarded to the user account’s e-mail as entered in the account set-up. Click on the e-book link provided in this Order Summary for access to the e-book and sign-in to the displayed e-book with the login name and password entered in the account set-up process.

Begin reading.

We suggest saving the e-book link above as a “favorite” in your browser bookmarks for quick future access. Otherwise, login from the start page on and click-on Read My Titles (a drop down), then click “read now” next to the title).

To Add/Purchase a Keepsakes Poster:

Click Browse Posters at top of start page, and next to e-book title, click “add to cart”.


1.) Find the e-book title and click “More” button located below the front page synopsis

2.) Click “Insight” button within the e-book’s dedicated mini-website.

3.) Click “Keepsakes” button

4.) Click “Add to Cart” button on poster description page.

5.) Check-out the same way when completed.

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