I did not receive the Order Summary confirmation email for my Web-e-Books. What should I do?

If you did not receive the Order Summary confirmation email, please check to see if your Spam or Junk e-mail filter blocks international email delivery - specifically from Canada - where our website is hosted.

For example, to check your Junk Mail settings in Microsoft Outlook:

1.) Go to your Junk Mail folder.

2.) Click on Actions on the Toolbar

3.) Unblock international countries (all, or selectively)

If you still do not receive the e-mail, please create a support ticket on this site page.

Whether or not you receive the e-mail confirmation, if the order was completed on-line, your Web-e-Book will be presented on the website under "Read My Titles" and displayed within the "My Bookshelf" tab.

Simply open the drop down menu, click "read now”, log-in, and begin reading your e-book.

Order confirmations can be re-sent. Submit a ticket request here, and we'll e-mail it to you.

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