How many devices can I use to access Web-e-Books?

As many as you have.

We have designed the service so you can read a Web-e-Book from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or e-readers with a browser - whether at home, traveling, or on-break at work.

There's no software to install. Simply log-in to your favorite Web-e-Books title via the "Read My Titles" button, or store each unique Web-e-Books URL as a bookmark in your browser, and begin reading.

After logging-in to your Web-e-Books account, you can switch between multiple licensed titles. Each time you access from a different device, however, we will ask you to log-in once.

Our approach is flexible for you. As the licensee of a purchased Web-e-Book, you can use any one of your existing devices, or any new device you're planning to purchase - so you do not need to worry about moving or losing stored e-book files or installing special e-reading software.

We do suggest limiting reading one Web-e-Book per user account at a time. You’re welcome to share your log-in and password with a trusted household member who may share the use of your e-reading device and charge account.

But please note that our MemoryMark book-marking feature will only follow one reader at a time, the last one to log-out.

Also please be advised to limit re-use of your log-in to a trusted financial household user, (your significant other for example), as the log-in enables access to your private Web-e-Books account information.

We accept no responsibility for log-in names and passwords being misused. Indeed, abuse could result in suspension of your account and additional user charges back to you.

Otherwise, we prohibit general sharing of log-ins and passwords, and abuse could result in a request to change your log-in information or suspension of account. Please see our user agreement under "Legal" on the website for details.

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