What type of books and content are on

Please see the website for complete descriptions of each e-book.

We present books under many genres, including books labeled for mature, adult readers. Our intent is to be selective; publishing bold and enduring literature - both new and classic. The language and imagery can range from general audience, to unrestrained and we post appropriate warnings on author website feature pages.

Our online user agreement requires purchasers to be of adult age (18 or older), depending on their country's definition. Importantly, we do not publish with the intent to excite or titillate; we publish authors of excellence, offering works of artistic expression, nuance, and literary stature that address many human and social themes.

Our e-books are meant to entertain, challenge, and enlighten in a sophisticated manner.

Readers can expect a wide range of genres within this context. We pre-read and/or fully edit each volume before publishing; seeking works that are credible, offer powerful messages and originality, and that are relevant to our cultural thinking.

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