Can I submit my own manuscript or book for publication as a Web-e-Book?


We are especially interested in serving authors and/or publishers who wish to utilize the Web-e-Books technology for publishing and distributing their own individual titles, or entire collection of titles using our semi-custom Web-e-Books bookshelf and e-store.

We also can provide a fully licensed white-label version of Web-e-Books for publishers or authors who may wish to use their own branding. Indeed, Web-e-Books is a turnkey solution; offering everything from manuscript conversion to on-line distribution of your e-book. We provide editing, cover design, website page design and content, semi-custom or custom software engineering, on-line e-book formatting and presentation, illustration and image insertion, an online e-book management interface, legal and copyright, hosting, IT support, online Help Desk, sales, billing, and all the feature required to present and market your e-book.

Web-e-Books is a one-stop-shop e-book publishing solution. You deal directly with the company who owns Web-e-Books. There are no layers of administration or third-party hassles, and no e-commerce dependencies on third-party solutions. You keep your royalties, and we settle directly in a timely and professional fashion. No middlemen.

Note: We do not undermine author or publisher book prices with our own e-book titles. All Publisher-Shelf Web-e-Books are priced based on a sliding scale of book length, not a subjective value. There are no discounts, however, from time-to-time we may consider bundle plans in a single purchase.

Additionally, we are now offering public domain titles under of Community-Shelf heading. These titles will be selected carefully to fit within our overall literature offering, books that reflect a broad spectrum of human experience and social conditions. The Community-Shelf e-books will be priced low; covering cost of access, account maintenance, distribution, and ultimately donations to a non-profit literary fund.

We do encourage authors to submit free sample short stories to supplement the marketing of their retail e-books. Lastly, we are against undermining author and publisher copyrights and royalties by selling previously published or used e-books.

Importantly, we utilize digital rights management techniques so that Web-e-Books are not accessible for forwarding, sharing, accessing, copying, printing, or re-distributing by the user or others. As a publisher and technology provider, we fully recognize and support writers and publishers efforts and will not devalue their works.

You can read more about publishing at Please contact the publisher ( or editor ( if you would like to explore publishing with Web-e-Books.

The advantages of publishing globally once with Web-e-Books are vast; but most of all, we can provide flexibility for discriminating authors and publishers - those who want more for their titles.

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